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A Maximum length 3350
B Pace 1400
C Maximum obstruction of the front axis,
land bucket
D Maximum obstruction of the back axis 700
E Profundity of digging (horizontal shovel) 40
F Max height of unloading 2100
G Max height 2300
H Max height bucket 2750
I Angle of land call back 40˚
L Angle of unloading 33˚
M Arm at the max height drainage
position of the bucket
N Max height of loading 2600
O Max height of work 3600
P Max depth 2100
Q Distance of the rotating axis 3300
R Track 920
S Width 1200
T Max height flashing 2520
  TURN DATA (mm)
X1 Max range of obstruction bucket 2560
X2 Range of external wheel 2310
X3 Range of internal wheel 1150
Angle of turn 43˚
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