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Suitable for any kind of tractor, it has three junctures and it can be set in action with an hydraulic tractor or an (auxiliary) independent system: it is a structure in special profiles with U shape, sliding on bearings of arranged type. The hydraulic system has a distributor with double effect, you can apply three or four levers if the system is strengthened by a tighten-axis . It also has a lifting cylinder with double effect with block valve, security device for people or objects, and spin cylinder: 20° ahead and 20° behind. Lateral transferring cylinders, DX mm 85, SX mm 85. An hydraulics device, which is a supplementary accessory to set in action the machine independently, inclusive of: multiplier pump in aluminium, tank and different pipes.
kg.M. 2,50
kg.M. 3
kg.M. 4
MPS.8 800 600 -
MPS.12 1200 1200 1000
MPS.15 1500 1500 1200
MPS.20 2000 2000 1700
This machine is suitable for loading on round bales trailers, its particular scissor shape opening allows the loading of round bales on the opposite side of loading, reducing in this way movements around the trailer.
It is possible to load one or two round bales at a time with regard to the tractor on which the machine is applied and with regard to the model adopted. For tractors with power lower then 80/90 CV and with model CN360 it is suggested to either rise one round bale at a time or to frontally ballast the machine.
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